Studio Saga: November, 1998 #4

The New Studio Saga

November 27 (The Day After Thanksgiving)

If you asked me this year what I am thankful for...Good friends who came, worked their butts off, and seemed to have a good time doing it!!!


JoEl Came Back for More on Friday and Brought Simon

Simon Levy missed the studio-raising because he was doing the Piedmont Craft Fair. Using the same "maximum coverage" technique we had used on the shed roof, we started on the main roof. Simon is placing one of the fiberglass skylight panels.


Showing My Rear End


We got one whole side done, and the first 3 (of 30 sheets) done by the time it got dark.

Linda and I kept at it the next two days and managed to get the tin on the other side of the roof by Sunday.


Linda Lines Up the Last Sheet!