Studio Saga: October, 1998 #3

The New Studio Saga

October 26, 1998


In Good Form
Mike (left) and Dennis "The Menace"


"Man I'm Good"
"Bobcat" Mike says with all modesty. My advice is to stay out of the way, and don't drive like my concrete man.


Forms and Gravel are in place. The Big Pour is scheduled for 8AM tomorrow!

October 27, 1998


Cement Mixer, Putty, Putty...

Plastic and wire down and the concrete trucks start rolling in - right on time!
The concrete company builds their own trucks which dump from the front.
The driver steers the chute from the cab - very cool and efficient - although they
look like they are backing down the road. This crew knows how to place concrete!


Floating Down the Concrete River of My Dreams

Place, screed, float, trowl, these four guys finished almost 70 yards of concrete
today - that is about 90 yards with the footings. I set bolts and tried to stay out of their way.
Mike thinks I can build an 11 story building on that...the building commissioner and
zoning board would have a cow!


Throw in the Trowel

Notice my precisely set bolts. Fortunately, no one was there to photograph
me digging out one of my drain pipes that mysteriously moved over to occupy
the same space as one of my truss legs! The slab must have moved a couple of
inches when I wasn't looking. I will be glad to get back to dovetails!


Watching Cement Harden

A favorite pastime of mine, and these guys are professionals.
They gave me some pointers on talking trash, too!
Good job, and thanks! (L-R-Dennis "The Menace", Boty, Frank "Bear", Mike)

Tomorrow: My steel truss building components arrive from Kentucky.

Stay Tuned For the Next Exciting Episode of
The New Studio Saga