Studio Saga: October, 1998 #4

The New Studio Saga

October 28: The Building Components Arrive



All of a Sudden,
Everything is Right on Time

The structural steel, tin, etc. are a package deal from Kentucky Steel Truss Buildings in Winchester, Kentucky


Steve Unloads the Building With Forks on His Front-end Loader

Saving us some serious heavy labor.
A lesser man could tear the heck out of the tin with
one of these.


Simon Levy Gave Up His Afternoon To Help Me Unload

Here he is cutting bands with "Mister Snippy" - the power shears.


After a Day of Heavy Lifting...

... What You Need is a Truss!

Now, let's give the concrete a few days to cure before bolting the trusses down. This will give me a couple of days to go make stuff.

Tune in next week for the next exciting installment of:
The New Studio Saga