Studio Saga: November, 1998 #3

The New Studio Saga: The Studio Raising

November 21

I worked on the studio framing all week, and Tim Hintz came down to work for me on Thursday. This is how the studio looked before...


My Friends Showed Up to Help Me Make Some Serious Progress on the Studio!

Anden Houben (harpsichord maker) and Steve Davis (metalsmith) came from Northport, Alabama. (On their way out of town, Miah Michaelson, director of Kentuck - where my stuff is stored told them, "Don't come back until it's finished")...

Randy Cochran (furniture maker), JoEl Logiudice (gallery director, fiber artist), Timothy Weber (potter, arts administrator), and Gary Hawkins (potter) came from Nashville...

Tim Hintz (furniture maker) came from Smithville, and Linda Nutt (mental health administrator, wife) came from down the path.


Starting the First Piece of Tin

What happens sixty feet down the wall depends on the accuracy of the first piece.
L-R: Timothy, Craig, Randy. Also shown:
Steve and Gary's legs.


Steve and Gary Having a Swell Time

On their knees, nailing on window trim


Anden and Tim

Nailing Down the Last Purlins


Seems Like Old Times:
Anden Gives Me A Hand Ripping Some Stock


All the Trimmings

Timothy and Randy Trimming the Roll-up Door


Almost to the End


Rounding Up The Usual Suspects

The "tin men" (Timothy, Steve, Gary) finished the wall just in time for Timothy to pick up his son and go home to fix us all dinner. It turned out that it was Timothy's birthday. A great gift idea for the man who has everything: work his butt off!


Mr. Snippy (the power shear) Worked Great on the Straightaway

but let us down on cross-cuts. Even after modifying the cutter, it would not cut over the ridges of the tin without major effort, and scratching of the finish on the tin. Randy saved the day with his saber saw and metal cutting blades. By Sunday we had a metal-cutting blade for the circular saw and zipped right through. The building salesman said that the sparks from the blade would mess up the finish. It did much less damage than the shear he sold me!


Steve and Anden stayed to help until about noon, then had to go back to Northport. JoEl, Randy, Linda and I worked on the roof that afternoon. Instead of screwing in all the screws as we went, we decided to go for maximum coverage and fill in the screws later.


The Back Gable Wall Got Finished

This one was a real pain with the windows and vent shutters - lots of cutting and fitting.


Randy and I Fastened the Tin Down
as Linda and JoEl handed up the 23 foot long pieces.


JoEl Looked Pretty Tough in a Hard Hat!


We Managed to Get the Gallery Roof on By the End of the Day!