Studio Saga: October, 1998 #1

The New Studio Saga

October 2, 1998


The pad is leveled, and batter boards are in place



Ready to dig footings for the slab, and install plumbing

October 13, 1998

The footings are being dug today.



Lookers and Standers - and one Worker
If you drop by for a look, don't forget your work clothes and gloves!

Alan and Pat Madsen (my uncle and aunt - outside standers) came to camp and visit
my parents (inside lookers). Alan made the mistake of asking if there was anything he
could do! After a day in the trenches he was singing a well-known song by Johnny Paycheck.


Witching Ditches and Laying Pipe

It took 24 hours to put 4 hours on the crummy rental Ditch Witch, but now the trenches
for water and communication lines are in, and pipe has been laid.

October 14, 1998


The Concrete Guy Didn't Show!

The site is ready for concrete, supplies are on site, and now I am looking for
someone else to do the concrete work. This looks like a week delay. I have delayed
the delivery of my building components for a week, but really need the slab in by next Wednesday
so the concrete has time to cure before unloading steel on it.