Studio Saga: January, 1999

The New Studio Saga

January 4, 1999

It has been about a month since the last update. I have been busy on a lot of small tasks on the studio, in between being iced in in Smithville (the weather reports here are rarely accurate!)


I got the plywood siding up, and the doors and windows installed. Now it is enclosed and secure.

I installed a wood stove. It is warm to stand in front of, but with no insulation, I the temperature has been barely above freezing for most of the last month. I must finish some interior framing, and get the wiring which will be in the walls installed before I can have it insulated.

The plumbing vents are in. Flashing for the chimney and the vents were a little hard to locate. My metal building company did not know anything about flashing their product, but I eventually tracked down a supplier in Lebanon (Tennessee) who has special flashing for this kind of roof. It has a very flexible rubber boot with a very bendy aluminum base. You bend the aluminum to fit the ribs on the tin, cover them with butyl rubber goo goo and screw it down.

I could not find a ventilated sleeve for the chimney so fabricated one from a couple of duct fittings while I was iced in in Smithville before Christmas.

I have brought a couple of loads of tools over from Smithville, and a load from Northport.


This view shows the outdoor work area with doors to the office and the bench room.

The office area will be in the back with beautiful views from the windows. The gallery area has only the front window.
The plywood siding will be stained a shade darker than the metal.