Studio Saga: November, 1998 #2

The New Studio Saga

November 7


Hand Up Those Purlins*

Now that the roof trusses are up, Linda (my wife) pitched in to help me get started. *Purlins are the pieces that span the space between the roof trusses. The building uses 2x6's on 2 foot centers.


Go Ahead and Make My Day

This could be incredibly tedious without a cordless screw gun!


Man, This Thing Requires a Lot of Purlins


I Need A Rest

November 13

We got some rain early in the week, so I went to Smithville to work on the Furniture Society Conference, and to work on a piece that has to be in California for a show soon.


"You'd Better Get a Picture Of This"

That is what the guy at the lumber yard said. Clear lumber is a rarity these days


Welding Girt Clips

The Truss Company had a case of sudden amnesia and left off the girt* clips from all the short truss legs. They finally sent all the missing parts, and I hired this cracker jack welder from Charlotte, Mr. Racks to weld them on. The company promises to reimburse me for his bill.

*Contrary to popular opinion, girts are not a digestive disorder. They are the pieces that span the wall supports.
They are like purlins, only on walls


Now This is Starting to Look Like Something I Could Work In!