Studio Saga: October, 1998 #2

The New Studio Saga

October 18, 1998


I finally tracked down the concrete guy's wife...

...who said he was on another job, and it would be a really long time before he was done! I hired a new concrete contractor who is supposed to start next week when I return from Baltimore from jurying craft fellowships. We are expecting rain to wash in my trenches, so Steve (the ace excavator) loaned me some tin to cover things up.


Beautiful weather in Baltimore

This was a lightning-fast trip. I am sorry I didn't have time to visit my friends. I did manage to squeeze in a quick visit to the new Visionary Art museum, a craft brewing festival in Federal Hill and some pretty great seafood. It was good to get away from concrete frustrations.

October 21 1998


The New Concrete Contractor Doesn't Return Calls Either

So, I covered up my water line and planted grass. The good news is that the power company is on site. They are setting power poles and pulling wires for my mega three-phase service (grunt, grunt).


Very Atomic...10,000 volts...20,000 volts...

This should run my drill, no problem!

October 23 1998

The brief (and printable) version of this story is:

except for a brief appearance to tell me that everything Concrete Guy 1did was wrong, I have been unsuccessful in getting a response from Concrete Guy B to find out when/if he intends to pour my slab. My building components are coming from Kentucky next Wednesday, and my goal all along has been to unload it on the concrete.

My contractor friend Jamie (the wood turner, John Jordan had introduced me to him when we decided to move here) had recommended Mike Kelly. I had spoken with him after I had already engaged the incommunicative Concrete Guy B. When I called Mike back, he said he had had a feeling that I would be calling him back. The clairvoyant Mike came out this morning to look at the site and before he left he had the rebar in and had me call for a concrete delivery Saturday morning. I called the building commissioner and he was kind enough to come right over for a footing inspection (I had cancelled so many before, I guess he took pity).

Pee Wee at the concrete company said they were booked up Saturday, but could get the 25 yards of concrete over this afternoon. I beeped Mike who was about half-way home - he lives in Smyrna, TN about 60 miles away. He turned around and came back but...


Rebar tied and inspected but...
 Just Like Godot - The Concrete Trucks Didn't Show!

After a few choice words over the phone from Mike, the contrite concrete dispatcher Pee Wee promised the concrete in the morning. I am off to the Appalachian Center for Crafts to do some work on a piece, and meet with Graham Campbell about the Furniture Society Conference. I will keep my fingers crossed, stay tuned...